Welcome to the John Hay Ecology Center

The missionJHEC1 of the John Hay Ecology Center is to help visitors and the surrounding communities explore and discover the innumerable wonders of the natural world. In so doing, it will build on the legacy of the Hay family’s deep, longstanding commitments to land conservation, ecology and environmental education. Through a resource center, education programs, research and field studies, exhibits, and partnership, the Center will promote an awareness of how nature works and a greater understanding of the role humans play in the ecology of our surroundings. The Center will seek to instill a sense of interconnectedness to our environments and, in so doing, foster a desire toward caring and stewardship. Beyond the experience of the familiar await untold adventures and discoveries that will expand visitors’ perceptions of the natural world to new horizons.

John Hay Ecology CenterThe trees, trails, toadstools and swales are keepers of the ecological code that records the history of land use, even as it foreshadows the future. They are the stalwart sentinels of our shoreline and the untiring protectors of the waters of Lake Sunapee. In these times of environment and climate change, the trees have become the canaries in the coal mines of today’s altered forest environments.


The John Hay Ecology Center will illuminate the secrets of the forest for people of all ages and perspectives – ranging from preschoolers and the general public to high school students and university researchers.

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